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Wish List - Donations Needed (in original sealed packages):

Most requested items for deployed troops:
Thick cotton crew socks (black,brown or white), medicated foot powder, 3-4 blade razors, Jerky, soft toilet paper.

Individually wrapped snacks:
Granola bars, protein bars, trail mix, nuts
Cookies, Pringles, Jerky, Slim Jims
Fruit snacks, dried fruit
Top Ramen (not cup-a-soups)
Instant oatmeal packets, hot cocoa packets
Sugar & sweetener packets
Drink packets/single serve (Propel, Crystal Light)
Gatorade/powdered small size tub or packets
Tuna or chicken kits or pouches
Gum, hard candy, chocolate candy*Oct-Feb only

Additional food items:
Ritz type crackers, peanut butter (plastic jars)
Jelly or jam (plastic jars)
Pop-top cans of Ravioli, chili & hearty soups
Pop-top cans of fruit
Specialty ground coffees (Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts)
Sugar, sweetener & powdered creamer packets

Needed for packing:
Ziploc bags (gal & qt)
Ziploc containers (Square/med & Rectangle/Lg)

Entertainment items:
Newer CDs & DVDs, batteries AA & AAA
Sports balls & Nerf balls
New magazines, paperback books, comic books
Decks of playing cards, games (small size)
Writing tablets, pens, blank cards to write back
Paracord survival bracelets
International phone cards (ATT ONLY!)

Please include a "Thank You" card/letter.
*Tax-deductible postage funds are needed

Hygiene products:
3-4 blade razors, toenail clippers
Shaving cream (non-aerosol)
Deodorant, Q-tips (travel size)
Individual toothbrushes
Toothpaste (sm/med), floss/picks
Anti-fungal foot powder & cream
Mouthwash (travel size)
Hand sanitizers (small size)
Body wash, shampoo/conditioner
Lotion, chapstick/lip balm
Soft toilet paper (packages/all sizes)
Tissue (individual packs)
Unscented baby wipes
Moist towelettes (individual packets)
Febreze non-aerosol spray
Over-the-counter: Eye drops (moisture)
Over-the-counter: Aspirin, Ibuprofen
Over-the-counter: allergy medication
Deet insect spray (non-aerosol)
Female hygiene products, emery boards
Thick cotton crew socks: blk,brn or wht
Wash cloths (dark colors), bath sponges
Twin sheets (earth colors)

Summer items needed:
Cooling neck ties/bandanas (earth colors)
Small fans, hand fans
Sunscreen (smaller sizes)

Winter items needed:
Knit or crocheted scarves & hats
Hand warmers - air activated
Over-the-counter cold medication
Handmade afghans, throws, blankets

Donations for Special Needs (wounded warriors, hospitalized 
veterans, homeless veterans & military families facing extreme hardships):
Gift cards to chain stores like Walmart & Target, local grocery stores & gas stations, Visa & Mastercards, or donate tax-deductible funds to purchase gift cards and needed items.


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